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Usually we find that people start to discover tantra at different ages, although it is more common slightly later on in life and we find this is normally due to the fact that they are looking for something a bit deeper than what they have already experienced or maybe they have read and heard things about the art of tantra and would like to experience this deeper level of consciousness

Sometimes people will start off on this quest as a single person but also there are many that go on this journey as a couple to experience and share this together. You can really achieve complete and total bliss through tantra, which focuses on the power of sacred touch and allows people to experience joys, pleasure and feelings that they did not even dream possible before entering the world of tantra.

People that really get the most out of their tantric discovery are those that embrace the whole concept and don’t look at it too narrowly as a therapy. It is an all-embracing concept which covers the mind, body and spirit and not just purely to get some more pleasure sexually for a person.

It is when we start to see tantra for what it really is, that it opens up the vast array of benefits that can help us with everything in day to day life. Elements that you learn such as the tantra meditation and tantric breathing exercises offer people a different outlet to deal with stress and tension that the most common methods that people might use.

Using tantric massage with your partner for example can help you to forge closer bonds, to gain a better understanding of each other and people in general which can bring with it many advantages for both home, work and family life

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